1. WITS is a feminist organisation, and believes feminism is at its best when it is collaborative and cooperative. WITS defines feminism as the belief in equality for women.
  2. WITS believes in quotas and affirmative action in the pursuit of gender parity and gender diversity.
  3. WITS believes in diverse, complex, truthful representation of women and women’s stories.
  4. WITS recognises the unique struggles of women living at diverse intersections, including but not limited to women of diverse ethnicities, races, sexualities, gender identities, socio-economic backgrounds, religions, ages, body-types, abilities and levels of education, and believes in an intersectional feminism.
  5. WITS affirms that women are strong, capable, talented and skilled. There is no shortage of quality women artists, rather there is a shortage of opportunities for them.
  6. WITS supports all women, but we do not speak for any. WITS fights for and provides spaces where women can speak for themselves.
  7. WITS believes in shining a light on individual and collective success in achieving equality and diversity.
  8. WITS supports rigorous critical discussion and public debate around fair and equal representation of women as it is essential to progress.
  9. WITS encourages men to engage in the feminist conversation and to take action to advance equal representation of women.
  10. WITS respects women’s right to safe spaces for speaking amongst themselves.
  11. WITS seeks mentorship and advice from those who have gone before with similar objectives, and welcome the benefit of others’ experience.